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15 things you need on a road trip

It would seem that autotravel does not require anything special: the keys, a couple of playlists with favorite music and that’s it. But a car trip always requires more effort and careful planning. When it’s done, the time spent behind the wheel is doomed to be full of joy and great experiences.

1. First aid kit

Wherever you stop – for a snack, an overnight stay, or just to make couple of scenic pictures, you should always be fullyroad trip equipped for first aid. Safety first!

2. Food and drink

The best way to save money and keep the atmosphere of the trip is to stock up on food and drinks. Stop to eat at special places, spread a tablecloth on the trunk of a car. And keep yourself full on the road, which is not always strewn with gas station shops.

3. Dishes

Take with you something from which you will absorb supplies from points 2: a travel cup, iron bowls, spoons, food containers.

4. Gas burner, pot/pan, thermos, matches

Are you going to wild places? There is no need to constantly eat chips and cookies. Quickly cooked scrambled eggs, brewed tea. What could be more joyful in the morning?

5. Necessary things for the car

A spare tire, engine oil, gasoline supplies and everything to get you to your destination painlessly.

6. Sleeping bags and tents

You can’t spend eternity in a car. Instead of hotels, try to save money and settle somewhere with tents. Check the temperature minimum of the area you will be passing through and bring appropriate sleeping bags.

7. Documents

Without documents, you risk getting to a police patrol, but not to your destination.

8. GPS

road signSatellite GPS can be useful if your smartphone has no signal and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Good insurance.

9. Useful clothes

Comfortable clothes are the key to a pleasant trip. Driving 8 hours in uncomfortable pants will drive you crazy.
During the day it can be infernal heat, then at night it is Arctic cold. Always take as many warm clothes with you as you may need even in unlikely cases (it’s a car trip, do not need to carry everything in your hands).
In case of leaving the car and visiting foggy and rainy places carry also raincoat with you.

10. A couple of plaids, a neck pillow

May be not extremely necessary, all these things are just to make sure, that friends, who aren’t driving, feel at home. No matter, if they sleep or singing songs in the back seat, the main thing is that they are in warmth and comfort.

11. Extras for first aid kit

Mosquito – the invisible enemy of man, who always sneaks up unnoticed. To sit relaxing by the campfire, take mosquito spray with you.
In order not to spend precious supplies of water for washing your hands, take a sanitizer with you.
Sun cream – driver’s tan has never been in fashion.

12. Sunglasses

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. There is also special glasses for night driving, may be you find it useful too.

13. Power Station

Small as power bank for smart phone, or big enough to charge several devices including lap top, small fridge and electric

Power station

Power station with solar panel

lights – power station is necessity for any trip. Coupled with portable solar panel it makes you almost undependable from power supplies.

14. Bag with bathroom accessories

Toilet paper, napkins, deodorant, and even shampoo and shower gel, in case you encounter a lake/river or outdoor shower along the way.

15. Pocket knife

A pocket knife can even be used to make small repairs – it is so versatile. You can’t even open canned food without a knife.

We wish you all good planning and pleasant travels! While preparing, you may check our shop for useful outdoor supplies.