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How to choose an electric bicycle

Nowadays, more and more people want to be an active and healthy. That is why the bicycle is becoming more and more popular every year. It gives an opportunity not only to significantly improve your physical condition, but also to see many beautiful and interesting places. Currently, the bicycle industry is developing at an impressive speed. The most advanced technologies and materials are used in the production of bicycles. Electric bicycles have become one of the most relevant novelties of bicycle manufacturers in recent years.

By their design, they do not differ much from classic models. Their main feature is the presence of an electric engine that drives the device. All electric models of rovers can be conventionally divided into three categories – one-piece, three-wheeled and folding. The latter are considered an ideal option for moving around the city. If necessary, they can be transported folded in a bus or car. One-piece electric bicycles have a monolithic design, as well as a huge number of models designed for specific cycling disciplines (downhill, mountain biking, road riding, sand, tourism, etc.). Electric tricycles are mainly used for transporting heavy and oversized loads.


Before choosing any model of electric bicycle, you need to clearly understand what advantages and disadvantages it has over classic models. The indisputable advantages of this type of transport are ease of use, the possibility of riding at any age and with any level of physical fitness, the absence of the need to have special permits, high speed, economy compared to traditional types of transport, the combination of two types of movement – with the help of electric motor or pedal rotation. They can be considered almost ideal transport for the city. When riding an electric bicycle, a person gets much less tired and sweats. Because of this the trip to work, to the store and other places will not cause discomfort even on the hottest day and without use of the special cycling clothing.

Advantages of electric bikes include but not limited to:

  • Can be stored in an apartment or any other convenient space without any problems;
  • Absence of unpleasant odors;
  • Environment friendly;
  • Compact design;
  • Practicality and reliability;
  • Versatility;
  • Variety of models;
  • Connection of two types of traction;
  • Lower weight;
  • Ability to ride in any places.

An electric bicycle will give completely new sensations from the trip, having performed all the difficult work for the cyclist. Overcoming steep and long climbs, headwinds, long distances – all these restraining factors recede into the background when riding an electric motorcycle. In addition, modern electric bicycles are able to give a real drive not only to ordinary users, but also to advanced amateurs and athletes. Due to the high speed, as well as the presence of professional-level suspensions in many models, you can feel the real extreme of riding absolutely anywhere, without the need to go to the mountains. Riding any off-road can be turned into a real exciting adventure, feeling like a professional freeride racer. Among the disadvantages of this type of transport, should be mentioned a large weight, as well as a rather high price, which is connected with the relative novelty of this technology.

Choosing model

When choosing a specific model of an electric bicycle, you need to take into account a huge number of characteristics. The main ones are the type of motor-wheel and its location, power of the electric motor, power capacity, maximum speed, maximum permissible load, protection of from dust and moisture. These characteristics can vary greatly from model to model, which is why it is necessary to determine for yourself the intended field of use of the vehicle, as well as the main tasks that are required. The presence of additional components and accessories will make riding much more pleasant and safer. A water bottle holder, a bell, a trunk, a front and rear fender, a chain guard, a headlight, and a charger are quite ordinary components of electric bike.

By power, all electric bicycles can be conditionally divided into three groups – low, medium and high power. The economic models have this power at the level of 250-300 W. A power of 500 W can be considered an average. The difference in performance between these two categories is not very noticeable, although it is present. The most productive models with a power of 800-1000 W allow you to experience the full potential of an electric bicycle. They will give a real excitement from riding, and experienced cyclists will be able to use all the reserves of such devices to the maximum.

A necessary element of the any electric bicycle is a battery. It can be of several types, have different capacity, as well as operating voltage. As a rule, manufacturers select this parameter, taking into account the compatibility of all components of the structure.

Now you ready to electric bicycle in our shop and ride to new exciting adventures.