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Insulated tents – pros and cons

If you love to travel and be outdoors all year round, not just in the summer, than you need a safe place to sleep if weather gets uncomfortable. So, you should definitely consider buying an insulated tent. As promised by manufacturers, it protects from cold, heat, noise and light. Is this true? Let’s see. I made this article based on reviews of real users of Crua Outdoors Insulated Tents, which we offer in our Outdoor and Travel Store.

This type of tent is quite expensive and it’s better to understand what to expect before buying.

Protection from cold and heat

Insulated tent in the forestFirst thing first – the most important feature – is protection from the outside temperature. Based on user experience, insulated tents keep the difference between outside and inside more than 20 degrees. This means that if the temperature outside is around 20oF, you can expect to be over 40°F inside (which is quite cold, so, probably, you should also invest in a double sleeping bag). Of course, at 40°F outside, it will be a comfortable 60°F or more inside.

Unfortunately, I have not found people who use it in hot weather. Maybe because in the summer people prefer to use something lighter? Personally, I prefer something more “breathable”, despite less light and noise protection. Well, if the reader has experience using an insulated tent in hot weather, please share it in the comments, and I will update the article.

Some owners use it to sleep inside the recreational vehicles when it’s cold, saving on running propane all night. This approach can lead to sufficient economy on propane, and justifies the relatively high price in itself.

Low noise protection and a few other remarks

Insulated tent with air pump

When it comes to noise cancellation, it’s not as good as advertised. The structure and air-filled walls reduce noise to some extent, but if you’re expecting recording studio level soundproofing, you’ll be disappointed.

Other “cons” mentioned by users: no inside pockets, slippery fabric on the floor, and the need to carry an air pump with you (which, by the way, you have to buy separately) … probably that’s all.

Protection from light and rain

Unlike noise protection, light protection is almost perfect, and this is a good feature for those who do not like to meet the dawn, but prefer to get up when breakfast is ready (by someone else).

One feature that the manufacturer did not mention is rain protection. This tent is well crafted and quite rainproof. However, it is designed to be placed inside a large tent for weather protection.


Inside the Insulated tentOverall, the insulated tents from Crua Outdoors are quality tents that look cool and perform as described. If you like to travel in cold weather and don’t mind carrying an inflator with you, this would be a good investment. You can even save money on propane not used for heating.

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