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Off Road Scooter 350W*2

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Products Description
36V, 4.4Ah Samsung rechargable battery(500 times)
Charging Power
Max load
Max speed
16km/h(depend on road and weight)
Max climbing angle
Protection Level

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5 reviews for Off Road Scooter 350W*2

  1. Larry

    I considered trying hoverboarding as a means to indulge my favorite passion of trekking nature paths while saving my legs for work (the construction industry). Having never used an electric scooter or board before, I was touring the parks in just one day. Although the harder terrain did appear to drain the battery faster, this crazy machine made it nearly the entire distance when I returned from Niagara Falls State Park. I didn’t anticipate getting a reliable 5 hours of off-road travel time with music on a single charge, especially considering the affordable pricing. The wheels are in motion and are not playing around. The app is simple to use and understand, operates in the background, and conserves battery life on your phone. The only drawback is that it weighs quite a bit, but considering that it is a tank-like hoverboard, it makes sense. It can handle practically every hill I throw at it (especially when fully charged), change from paved to grassy surfaces, and it resembles something Batman might use in an emergency if his vehicle is out of commission.

    Try it out now. Get outside while wearing some wrist wraps. The board is fantastic and a lot of fun.

  2. Fred

    I have tried a number of the hoverboards that are available, and after purchasing this one, I was pleasantly impressed by its high quality. It’s quick, stable, and the speaker adds to the enjoyment! This hoverboard is the ideal choice if you want a high-quality, long-lasting hoverboard! – Very Happy with the purchase!

  3. Roger

    The heavy weight of this scooter shocked me! It was so simple to figure out that I was able to step on it by myself without any help. I absolutely enjoy the app and how you can control the pace so I don’t fly off of it. The slightest tilt causes you to lean right or left; I even managed to reverse without any issues! It was much simpler to use than another scooter I tried that was considerably difficult and poorly balanced because of the self-balancing feature.
    Please be sure you ride with protection. Excellent scooter for new riders!

  4. Sylvia

    Everything this product claims is accurate. Children and adults alike will find it simple and stable to ride. Both paved and unpaved surfaces, as well as off-road terrain, are compatible with the wheels. actually ascends slopes rapidly and effortlessly. My child rapidly mastered riding it, and so far, her falls haven’t been too severe. I’m currently quite happy. Definitely would buy more. I may even consider getting one for myself.

  5. Dora

    My kids have always wanted a hoverboard, but I have always been too concerned about breaking wrist. This is a reliable, powerful machine. Even my finicky spouse agreed that they were well-made. My only complaint is that I think a phone is required to set the speed. otherwise flawless.

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