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Mosquito Net for Hammocks – No-see-ums Mesh



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• Keep yourself bug-bite free while camping or relaxing in the yard
• Protects from no-see-ums, black flies and mosquitoes
• Works with all non-spreader bar hammocks (Extra wide - over 13 feet long)
• Two-way zippers to facilitate in and out access


Picture this: You’re unwinding after a long, hard day in your favorite hammock. With a cold drink and a good book in your hand, you’re finally reaching a level of ultimate relaxation when suddenly you hear the incessant “buzz” of a pesky, blood-thirsty mosquito.

Moment ruined.

Keep mosquitoes and other annoying pests away with our practical mosquito net for hammocks – no need for spray-on chemicals, giant citronella candles or other products. Designed specifically for you to reach optimal relaxation, these mosquito nets are foldable, lightweight, easy to transport, easy to set up, and compatible with any hammock making them the perfect addition for your next camping trip or backyard hang.


Product(s) Ship to USA
What's Included Mosquito Hammock Net + 1 Rope for Ridgeline + 1 Pouch
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Hammock Universe®
Materials Polyester - No-see-ums Mesh
Weight (lb) 1.7 (157.5 inches long x 78.5 inches high)

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs

Hammock Universe


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