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Olefin Hammock – Single – Quick Dry

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• Made of 100% Olefin textile
• Fast-drying, comfortable material
• Built in a classic style with spreader bars
• Holds up to 275 pounds
• Resting area (6.5 feet long, 2.7 feet wide)
• Total hammock length: 9.5 feet
• Single Layer hammock


The Olefin single Hammock is built to last you many, many years. It can be left outdoors, rain or shine & is a great addition to any backyard or deck.

This hammock is snug for 1 large adult.. perfect for the wither solo time.

Made of Olefin material, It is known for its strength, colorfastness and great comfort. It is also resistant to staining, mildew, abrasion, and sunlight.


Product(s) Ship to USA
What's Included Hammock
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Hammock Universe®
Materials Olefin + Wood Spreaders
Weight Capacity (lb) 275
Recommended Hanging Distance (ft) 10 to 11+
Size 1 Person
Overall Hammock Length (ft) 9.5
Hammock Bed Length (ft) 6.5
Hammock Bed Width (ft) 2.7
Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use Not Required
Weight (lb) 7.0

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3 reviews for Olefin Hammock – Single – Quick Dry

  1. Leslie

    This hammock was a fantastic investment! We live in place where it rains a lot, so I was worried about how well it would hold up. The hammock has endured very well. The cloth is really strong and it is simple to clean

  2. Craig

    This hammock is great. I wanted a hammock that I could put outside all the time. Before locating this hammock, I swiftly went through three others. It’s wonderful. It dries rapidly, does not get dirty or exhibit any stains, is quite comfortable, and is permeable to the rain. Simple and resistant to fading, stains, mold, etc. This is the hammock for you if you’re like me and want something you can put outside that will stay tidy and welcoming.

  3. Ann

    Beautiful and strong hammock. Excellent workmanship is evident. holds up nicely rainy whether. I lay in it a lot in the afternoons and evenings. You won’t be sorry you bought this hammock.

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